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August 21, 2018

There is a sense of pride, that is unexplainable when a feed mill manager walks you around his facility.  The technology, safety and general organization of every mill is carefully planned.  Each has their own way of doing things but is mindful of the importance of regulations and quality. 
Martin Wid, Mill Manager said it best, “There is a constant demand for improved quality of the food that is placed on the table.  And that is directly related to the feed that goes into the animal.”

Central Valley Ag (CVA) runs and operates 9 mills within our footprint.  CVA’s Feed Mills are compliant with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization ACT (FSMA) and follow the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points of HACCP system. Livestock producers buying feed out of CVA feed mills certified with this HACCP designation, as well as our other feed mills with good manufacturing practices and following the FSMA requirements, can rest assured that feed quality and service from our facilities are second to none in the industry. 

“When I started with the coop, we had two mills in our system.  Today we have merged with other companies and now it has grown in to 9 mills and we have 30+ bag locations,” said James Kreikemeier, Business Process Manager. 
The Feed Division at CVA stays committed to the success of our patrons. They focus on delivering top-notch nutrition programs, great customer service, and the best quality products. Specialists carefully select suppliers and test ingredient sources, understanding how important performance is to a livestock operation. Keeping up with the latest trends in the industry is one of their highest priorities, working to provide the very best feed processing technology each and every day.
“There are technologies today to help aid in the quality and the safety of the products. We have systems in place where every product is labeled in a micro machine.  The system knows exactly what is in that box and it will meter it out into different decimals of what we need to put into that feed,” said Kreikemeier.

Central Valley Ag was recognized in 2016 by Purina Animal Nutrition with the “Checker Up America” Community Leadership Award. The “Checker Up America” award is presented by Purina to recognize organizations who exemplify “The Checkerboard Spirit” while excelling in business endeavors and community involvement.
Dean Nygren has a life time of experience at CVA working with livestock operations. He said, “To work with farmers, ranchers and cattlemen, feedlot to 4-H calves…really gives you a sense of pride.  It’s feeding the world.”

Written by Megan O'Hare
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