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WE ARE CVA - Buttenhoff Family Farms

August 7, 2019

Though some may think “We Are CVA” applies to the internal parts of Central Valley Ag, it is much more than that. It is the kid glued to their parents’ legs wishing to farm “just like them,” the spouse that may have a town job to help support the farm’s income. It is the generations before that left their knowledge and years of hard work. It is the young person just getting started in farming. “We Are CVA” is the producers and member-owners that make up the cooperative.
Tucked away in its soft rolling hills, Lincoln, Kansas has been home to the Buttenhoff family for many generations. John Buttenhoff, alongside his father Ron, have ran a diversified crop and livestock operation John’s whole life, just as Ron and his father did before John. 

John is the only son of five kids and hopes to carry on with his children someday. He also hopes to not only teach his kids about farming but be an advocate for agriculture to others in the community. With the help of his wife Ginny, the Buttenhoffs helped create “A Day on the Farm,” a one-day event designed to expose area students to the various components of agriculture.
“It’s in my blood. I love my family and, sure, they motivate me to get up and work every day, but really it’s just in my blood and I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than farming,” John said.
Both Ron and John mentioned several times they would not be able to continue farming if they didn’t have such strong, supportive partners that help in the field when needed and bring them meals during their long harvesting days.

When John was a kid, he recalls trucks being lined up throughout town leading to the elevator during wheat harvest. New technologies in agriculture have since changed that, but wheat is still a constant rotation in the Buttenhoff’s operation. What hasn’t changed throughout the years of harvesting is the relationship the Buttenhoff’s have had with their local CVA elevator.
Rick Wolting, CVA’s Location Manager in Lincoln County, enjoys working with the Buttenhoffs and has known them for over 40 years. The others at the elevator enjoy working with them as well, and all agree Ron’s wife, Jo, is their favorite driver not only for the smile she always has on her face, but also for bringing her famous cinnamon rolls at the end of harvest each year.
Ron says, “Being a part of the cooperative, it’s still about people. I really appreciate CVA’s willingness to serve and be there when we need them.”

by Alyssa Farran, 2019 CVA Marketing Intern
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