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WEARECVA | 2019 in Review

December 26, 2019
Several factors made 2019 a challenging year for those within the agricultural industry such as international trade wars and tariffs and a wet spring across much of Central Valley Ag’s trade territory. Despite these and other factors, the CVA team went above and beyond to serve our member-owners.

As a cooperative, our producers are our owners. This drives our purpose to showing up every day and doing our best for our member-owners.

“I enjoy coming to work every day because of our growers. As a community, as Central Valley Ag, everybody is working towards something important and they do become your family,” says Linnea Steinhauser, Customer Service Specialist at CVA Ainsworth, Neb.

Greg Vakoc, CVA Transport Dispatcher shares, “As big of a company CVA is, you still have that local feel. That is a fun part of working here. That is a great part of working at CVA. You go to Church on Sunday; you go to a school function. It is pretty hard to not run into something you work with whether it’s a customer or a coworker. There is a connection there that can be made that you know that what you’re doing is benefiting your local community.”

“All I could say to someone else considering doing business with CVA, don’t let the size of the company scare you,” says Ron Heerten, CVA member-owner. “It all comes down to the people at the location level for the benefit of people working together. And I think that is what the cooperative system is all about – by working together, we can do more.”

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