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Cattle Mineral Promotion

February 5, 2021

by Chris Fleischman
Feed Sales Manager

As a cattle producer, you may wonder what the cost of a good mineral program does for your bottom line?  A quality mineral can help with conception rates, calf vigor, hair coat, and hoof health to name a few.  If you are using a 4-ounce mineral, that means a cow is consuming 0.25 lbs. per day, or approximately 91 lbs. of mineral per year.  When you think about mineral in this way, it will take just under two bags of mineral per year for each cow.  Cows that have proper mineral intake have improved breeding windows, which in turn, means tighter calving windows.  When you have tighter calving windows, the calves are more uniform.  Also, cows that are bred back quicker often have calves with a heavier weaning weights, leading to a better return on our investment. Don’t forget about the bulls in your program.  Bulls also need a quality mineral to be able to perform at the top of their game.

From January 25 – February 22, 2021, Central Valley Ag is offering a $30 discount for every ton of Power Cow cattle mineral booked. All orders must be picked up by May 1, 2021 to qualify.  Power Cow is formulated to meet the needs of your herd through all stages of life.  Available in several different formulas, Power Cow offers a consistent diet while providing the needed vitamins and minerals as your herd cycles through the different stages of production. For more details, contact your local CVA Feed Sales Specialist.


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