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Premium Diesel Fuel vs. The Others

February 7, 2022

With fuel prices on the rise, it is important to know what a premium diesel fuel is versus the standard diesel, is there a value to spending a few mores cents per gallon on a premium diesel? Diesel fuel lacking a proper additive package can cause maintenance issues resulting in reduced power and efficiency. With newer engines operating at higher temperatures and fuel pressures, a standard #2 diesel can be cooked resulting in fouled fuel that re-circulates into the fuel system which could cause engine damage. A premium diesel fuel has an additive package built to combat “coking” of the fuel and has additive enhancements that help improve fuel efficiency, maintain engine power and cleanup deposits in the fuel system.

CVA offers CENEX RoadMaster XL and Ruby FieldMaster premium diesel fuels which come with a more complete additive package and is engineered to meet the challenges of today’s modern engines. What does this mean to you? Lower maintenance costs, improved fuel efficiency, maximize horsepower, quicker and more reliable starts as well as extending the life of fuel pumps and injectors. Let’s look at the additive package and see why it is truly a premium diesel.

We start with detergents which clean the entire fuel system which helps the injector to maintain an ideal spray pattern, provides a cleaner more complete burn which helps to restore power up to 4.5% and helps restore fuel economy by up to 5%. Next is a lubricity improver which protects moving parts from wear and failure. It provides 10%-15% more lubricity than your standard #2 fuel and protects injectors and pumps from wear. Cetane improver, think of it like octane in gas, the higher the number the better it performs. Results in quicker and smoother starts, generates cleaner exhaust, reduces wear and tear on the starter and battery as well. The cetane number of Cenex Premium Diesel fuel is 47-49 versus standard #2 which is 40. Next is corrosion inhibitors, they do just that, protect fuel lines from rust and corrosion. Another additive is storage stabilizer which extends the storage life of the fuel, handles temperature extremes and reduces varnish. Demulsifiers is the next additive, basically it keeps moisture from entering the fuel system, it causes the water to sink to the bottom of the tank where it can be removed, also helps to prevent filters from plugging. Finally, injection stabilizers, which clean injectors and prevent deposits from forming on the injectors. It also prevents “coking” or the cooking of the diesel fuel under high temperatures. With all the extra benefits of Cenex Premium Diesel Fuel, I see lots of value with added performance, reduced downtime and increased efficiency for only a few cents per gallon.

Another benefit of user’s of Cenex Premium Diesel Fuel is the access to the Cenex Total Protection Plan, which covers diesel injectors for 5 years or 5000 hours and injection pumps for 9 years or 9000 hours on select new agricultural equipment.

If you would like to learn more about our Cenex Premium Diesel or the Total Protection Plan contact your local CVA Energy Office or e-mail us at 
by Kelly Stenka, Certified Energy Specialist 
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