How can PMI Pet Nutrition benefit your dog or cat?

January 22, 2018
Golden retriever dog walking on a country dirt road

Whether you have a hard-working farm dog or family pet, we care about their health. Our dog and cat food selection consist of three brands: Exclusive, Red Flannel and Infinia brands.

The #1 ingredient in the Exclusive line is real meat with options including lamb, chicken, turkey or fish. In addition, there is a balance of fruits, vegetables and wholesome grains. These lines exclude products such as corn, soy, wheat and artificial flavors and preservatives that can be difficult for your pet to digest.

These ingredients with high-quality protein support total health such as a strong immune system, along with radiant skin and coat. All three brands promote a healthy digestive system, healthy joints, energy and are highly digestible with a great taste for your pet.

SiddyThe Red Flannel line provides a High Protein option for active dogs, Prime for hard-working dogs, Canine Select for all breeds, Adult for normally active dogs, Large Breed and Puppy. Red Flannel also carries a Red Flannel Cat for all ages of cats.

Infinia is a holistic (high-quality ingredient) line of dog and cat food with options of Turkey and Sweet Potato, Salmon and Sweet Potato, Venison Potato and Quail, Duck and Potato and also a Chicken and Brown Rice.

With all of these high-quality pet foods, the amount fed is less which means your bag lasts longer. Plus, less fecal material to clean out of your yard!

All PMI Nutrition pet foods carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Are you interested in trying Exclusive Dog Food? Stop by and ask about the Double Dog Bowl Dare!

Siddy Saddle
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