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WE ARE CVA | Eilert Farms

July 5, 2018

The day begins well before the sun rises for Allen Eilert, a grain producer near Beloit, Kansas. With two planting seasons, two harvest times, and protecting those growing crops in between, Eilert Farms is constantly on the go.

Allen is a conventional producer who farms 2,200 acres of hard red winter wheat, 500 acres of soybeans and 600 acres of grain sorghum. Of those 3,300 acres he manages across north central Kansas, Allen personally owns 900 acres.

“Making something out of nothing is probably one of my bigger motivators,” said Allen. “My kids and my family give me purpose but being able to turn an empty field into something, it’s just hard to beat that.”

Getting from planting season to a successful harvest, doesn’t come without help though. Allen’s sons, Patrick, Nicholas and Landon, and wife Tammy, play an important role with the family farm as well as Brad Johnson, CVA Field Sales Agronomist.

“Brad Johnson is a walking encyclopedia. I mean there is no weed he doesn’t know, or a chemical that he hasn’t looked at and read about. And if he doesn’t know it, he knows which book to go to, to get (the job) it done,” said Allen.

Brad helps with fertilizer recommendations, selecting proper varieties and hybrids of different crops to plant, and gives the best herbicide advice that he can.

“Because I’ve had the relationship with (Brad) him over the years, I know his integrity. I know that he is going to give me the straight answer, the best answer, the most qualified answer,” said Allen. “The cooperative to me is that source of quality and dependability and steady, consistent product that I couldn’t do on my own.”

The farm and all that comes with it demands a lot of time from Allen and his family, but farming isn’t what life is all about to Allen.

“People use the term the ‘family farm.’ I have a family. I have a farm. But the farm is the business. It’s the family part that is important. It’s what you teach the young people, and what you raise the young people with. That’s the important part. The things I want to pass down to my kids is doing a good job, showing up 10 minutes early, and all about integrity and quality. It really doesn’t matter what they want to do. If you just do a good job doing it and give back to whatever community you’re in. That’s what life is about.”

Written by Mallory Wittstruck
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