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WE ARE CVA- Trusted Advisor

July 1, 2019

In the farming industry today, growers are always looking for insight into what could benefit their fields and operations. Thad Russell, Field Sales Agronomist at the Hampton, Nebraska location, has realized the significant impact he can have on a farmer’s operation and has taken the title ‘trusted advisor’ to a new level.

Email-Image-(1).jpgEleven years ago, when Thad started working with Rick Hiebner, a second—generation farmer, Thad was able to bring his expertise in tillage to Rick’s operation. Over those 11 years Thad worked closely with Rick, and through that relationship created a relationship with his son, Matt, a third-generation farmer, who would someday take over the family business. 

“The transition from myself to Matthew has been very easy,” said Rick Hiebner. “He is a natural at it, and he knew how to do things without being told, and we worked side by side until he took over.”
When it came time for Matt to take over the leadership on the farm, the transition of the relationship between Rick and Thad, to Matt and Thad, came easy. Matt realized that the trust his dad had in his FSA, led to great success on the farm, and he knew he wanted to keep that relationship going. As the relationship started to change, Thad began to change with it.

“What makes CVA different is relationships,” said Thad Russell. “I want to know and understand that grower better than anyone else can, and that sets us apart from the competition. I am not here to push a product today or tomorrow, or in the future, I want to know everything I can about that grower to help that grower prosper.”
Thad knows the key to a successful FSA and grower relationship is customer intimacy. He took time not only to understand their plan for their operation but understand the Hiebners as a family. That dedication is how he has been able to help the Hiebner’s Farm prosper day to day.
Matt reflected, “When I think of CVA, I think of the relationship that I have with my agronomist. Thad really serves me and having that kind of service from an FSA and an individual in the company, really makes me feel like I am valued.”

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