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Cake and pellet contracting season has begun at CVA

July 20, 2020

Our recent merger with Farmer and Ranchers Coop has produced new opportunities to Central Valley Ag and one of them is a mill in Ainsworth with the ability to produce cake. Last week our first set of bulk contract prices were sent out for a 23% DDG cake, 28% and 31% Hi Fat cakes, 25% DDG pellet and a 16% FR creep pellet. These contracts begin August 1 and run through December 31, 2020.  Contract prices are open until noon on Friday, July 24, 2020.

Ranchers supplement with cake throughout the winter months as a protein source.  Before selecting a protein supplement of cake, hay or forage quality is the first factor to consider. Commonly, ranchers will graze native grasses and provide grass hay closer to calving.
This type of feed program typically falls short on protein. By collecting a sample of your feedstuff and sending it off for analysis, we can obtain accurate data to develop a feed plan. Hay is mainly used as an energy source, however hay, such as a mid to high quality alfalfa, will have some protein to provide in the diet as well. Cakes can consist of protein sources such as DDGS, sunflower meal, or cottonseed meal. Wheat middlings provide the extra benefit of fiber. Cake consistency is very important as cake needs to be hard enough to stick together and not crumble, yet soft enough for cattle to consume. At our Ainsworth mill, we make custom formulations with various vitamins, minerals, medicated feed additives, and ionophores.
The 28% protein cake has proven to be the cube of choice by ranchers this past year. With 28% protein and 8% fat, this cube is designed for feeding cattle on forage-based diets. This is an easy way to supplement fat and protein to a herd. The palatable 7/8 cube is fed at 1-2 lbs per head per day for best results. Medicated feed additives are available. Majority of the cake comes in a 7/8 size cube; however, we also offer a 5/8 cube for weaned calves. Feeding rates will fluctuate with product, but average in that 2-3 lbs per head per day. Besides custom cubes, we also offer pellets and minerals. Stay tuned to our bookings this summer to get your herd prepared for winter. To place an order or get pricing, call our toll-free number at 1-800-233-6627 or contact your local feed sales specialist.
by Brandi Salestrom
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