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Tips for Show Ring Success

July 13, 2020

Nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to your animals reaching their full potential. Genetics may give a producer an idea of how their animal is going to gain and finish but until you utilize a quality feed program those genetics can only perform as well as your allowing them. High quality feeds not only allow the animal to grow, but also keep skin and hair healthy. A quality nutrition program should be used throughout the show animals’ lifespan, not just a few weeks before the show, to get a desired show ring appearance. When developing a feed program with your feed specialist keep in mind what your target show or shows may be. This is critical as we figure average daily gains to the target show date, possible use of supplements to get the animal to the desired look faster or hold to maintain a “fresh” look in the showring. There is no wrong or right answer but when I’m working on a diet for a show animal I like to know how competitive a producer wants to be and the time they have to spend on their project so I can design a feed program to best suit their needs.


Show animals require a lot of time and care, and with that comes consistency in a program. Feeding should be done on the same schedule every day to keep the animals digestive system functioning smoothing. One to three times daily is fine for a feed program but once you start you must stick with the schedule. I encourage producers to know what they are feeding their show animals and why. A show feed diet may not be the same as a feeder diet in the feedlot or what the cows are eating at home. Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in your animals’ health and without a quality feed program your animal could be missing out leading to health issues. More important is water quality. Always keep clean and cool, fresh water available to the animal. Without adequate water intake your animal will not eat.


A healthy living environment and clean animals throughout the show season create the ideal environment for animals to perform at a higher level. Along with your feed sales specialist work with your veterinarian to set up a vaccination and deworming program. Parasites, internal and external, can be detrimental to an animal. Keep in mind that clipping and fitting cattle can only go so far, so daily effort and dedication to the animal is what creates champions in the show ring. Stop by your local Central Valley Ag feed location or contact me at to build a program for your show animal this season. Our CVA feed team works with sheep, cattle, swine, poultry, rabbit, equine and companion animal show enthusiasts to help their animals reach their genetic potential.

 by Brandi Salestrom

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