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Sidedress, Topdress and Fertigation

June 20, 2019

6.20.19 | In-Season Application of Nitrogen from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Sidedress, Topdress, and Fertigation options for N and other nutrients.

Central Valley Ag offers many options to supplement your nitrogen program with in-season application of nitrogen fertilizer products. Two common options are topdress urea fertilizer through a row crop machine, with either spinner or air boom delivery systems, and fertigation of UAN through a pivot. Either technique helps growers use nitrogen more efficiently to limit loss to the environment while taking advantage of the most yield opportunity.

Many of us have heard that today’s corn hybrids use more nitrogen later in the growing season than the hybrids we used back in the 1980s and 90s. Research has shown this to be true. To keep this nitrogen available for late season grain fill, it makes sense to move back a portion of the nitrogen we apply to match these late season needs.

Another option CVA is able to help growers with are the Y-drop sidedress nozzle systems from 360 Yield Center. The 360 Y-drop nozzles give growers a more precision option for applying UAN later in the growing season. The Y-drop system places N and other nutrients near the plant where roots can access the nutrients while the corn plant gathers rainfall to help wash those nutrients into the soil. You can contact your ACS Equipment Specialist with questions on how to use this equipment on your own high clearance sprayer or even a traditional liquid toolbar.  

When applying in-season N to corn consider other nutrients such as sulfur, potassium, or boron, which may compliment your N application by adding stalk strength or improving yield. Talk to you local Central Valley Ag Field Sales Agronomist or ACS Regional Manager with questions about which nutrients might be the best fit on your fields with your fertility levels. If you do not know your fertility levels as well as you should, now is an excellent time to get fields scheduled for grid sampling next fall. Now is also a good time to take that first tissue sample to see what the plant is telling you it needs. These nutrients can be added to your in-season application plan.

By Tim Mundorf

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