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Make the Most of Summer

June 30, 2020

Brandi Salestrom, CVA Feed Sales Manager
The summer weather has arrived, and I’ve enjoyed watching calves grow as they are turned out to grass. Creep feed season is here, and now is the time to take advantage of the excellent creep feed prices at Central Valley Ag. Some producers question the added value that creep feeding brings to their herd, but with our hot summers and potential for decreasing grass quality, creep feed brings an extra advantage for our pairs. As producers, we need to consider what our pastures are going to look like mid to late July. Forage availability and quality are the vital factors in making the decision whether to creep feed or not.
The advantages a creep feeding program brings to a herd includes increased weaning weights and less stress on the calf during weaning time. Research has shown calves will prefer milk first, then creep feed, followed by forage. This is an advantage in areas where forage is limited. I usually encourage producers to run at least 120 lbs. of creep feed through each calf, and then we can begin the transition to an intake modifier. Some worry about a calf becoming too fleshy on creep feed, so a program using intake modifying technology is a great transitional option that allows producers to utilize their corn.
Finally, don’t forget the loose mineral, tubs, and cubes we have to offer! Availa 4 rebreeding mineral, fly control mineral, and hi-mag mineral are just a few of the many options. For any questions on creep feeding calves, or summer mineral, contact your local CVA feed sales specialist. Let our team at Central Valley Ag help you make the most of this summer season.

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