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Cenex Summer Grease for Gift Cards

June 23, 2021

Central Valley Ag has always been proud to carry a full line of Cenex lubricants to help meet our producer’s needs.  Over the years, as equipment has gotten bigger and more sophisticated, the lubricants that are required Chris Clingman to keep this equipment going have changed.  Cenex has continued to work on developing lubricants that meet and exceed the needs of this every changing market. 

Now, Central Valley Ag is excited to announce the Cenex 2021 Summer Grease for Gift Cards promotion.  Cenex is offering a rebate program for all Cenex greases purchased from your local Central Valley Ag location, starting June 15, 2021, through August 14, 2021.  End users will earn one $15 Visa gift card for every 40 tubes or 35# bucket.  They also have the option to receive one $50 Visa gift card for every 120# keg purchased between June 15 and August 14, 2021. 

When the customer purchases these items, they can ask for an easy to fill out redemption form, attach the receipt and mail it in by September 16, 2021.  This is a great time to stock up on the greases that a producer will use during fall harvest and save a little money in the process. 

Qualifying products include HD Moly Xtreme, Poly-Xtreme©, Maxtron© EP, Corn Head Grease, Blue Gard© 500+™, Molyplex 500+, ML 365©, Red Protect XT©, Maxtron© FS and Fluid Gear Grease.  If a customer would like more information, they can contact any Central Valley Ag Energy location.
by Chris Clingman
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