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Show season is almost here!

March 22, 2018


Show season is quickly approaching, and I couldn’t be more excited! I know summer is getting closer when show products start moving at the store. Every year I enjoy seeing the summer projects, whether it’s a steer or heifer, horse, pig, sheep, chicken or goat and I like to help out wherever I can when it comes to their feed program.

At CVA we can help design a show diet to meet your animals’ requirements using your own ingredients or ours at the store. We also have a full line of multispecies supplements. We can mix feed and deliver right to your barn or for a smaller amount we offer a line of Honor Show Chow bagged feeds. Just like us, some animals are easy keepers and need a supplement to get lean muscle expression while others require extra calories to get that show bloom finish. If you need help deciding on show feeds or supplements contact any of our sales team and we would be happy to stop out and offer suggestions.

So, how are supplements beneficial and what goes into a show diet? Supplements have become very popular in recent years, and many of our products can be used in multiple species. Supplements that provide extra energy will promote the health, skin and hair condition along with fat cover and growth performance. A lower energy high-fat supplement promotes muscling while trimming body fat. Supplements offer a higher level of vitamins when animals need a boost or are stressed. A 60 lb stress tub is another great option for show animals during the busy season.

Cattle show diets can have a wide variety of options depending on what a producer has access to. In West Point, our diets consist of corn, oats, cottonseed hulls, molasses and Purina Grand 4-T-Fyer. Other options would be wheat bran (alternative for cottonseed hulls), beet pulp (filler) or barley (smoother, firm finish). If mixing your own feed, please keep in mind that corn level needs to be at 60% or less to help reduce hair burn and intake problems. Finally keeping a few flakes of grass hay available help support digestion and don’t forget the importance of clean, fresh water at all times! Best of luck to everyone this year and I look forward to seeing you all in the show ring!

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