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ACS Celebrates 25 Years

March 5, 2020

3.5.20 | ACS 25th Anniversary from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Central Valley Ag is very proud of the accomplishments of our Advanced Cropping Systems (ACS) precision ag team. Over the last 25 years, the ACS team has provided value to our growers through variable-rate fertilizer prescriptions, variable rate seeding recommendations, variable rate irrigation, soil moisture monitoring, planting and harvesting equipment, and data management services. We have been a one-stop-shop for many growers wanting to operate at the cutting edge of applied technology.  

The ACS staff assists our Field Sales Agronomists and Location Managers with the technology to provide growers solutions that maximize their input dollars. In 1995, CVA pulled our first grid-based soil samples and used that information to provide the right amount of nutrients in the right areas for our first few fields. We have been doing the same thing and much more ever since.

CVA's ACS team researches and reviews a lot of new technology that never even makes the cut to be offered to our growers. Through in-season trails and the ACS Innovation Plots, we are able to vet new technologies to make sure the products and services that are offered to our growers have proven their value. We look forward to delivering value to our growers for many years to come, undeterred by changes and challenges - that's just a part of farming. Providing technology solutions to assist our growers in dealing with these challenges is the core focus of Advanced Cropping Systems.   

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