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Calving season, Creep Feed Booking and Spring Promotions

March 9, 2020

The start of calving season is exciting and right now at my family’s operation we have a couple calves on the ground with around 170 more to go. I may not have near the enthusiasm by the end of calving, but the season is off to a good start and the warmer temperatures are greatly appreciated. Last week, creep feed prices were announced, and the sale team is busy getting a hold of producers to get contracts signed before any increases. A few advantages a creep feeding program brings to a herd include increased weaning weights and less stress on the calf during weaning time. Research has shown calves will prefer milk first, then creep feed, followed by forage.  This is an advantage in areas where forage is limited. I encourage producers to run at least 120 lbs. of creep feed through each calf before beginning the transition to a grain mix. Some worry about calves becoming too fleshy on creep feed so intake modifying technology is a great transitional option that allows producers to utilize their corn. If you would like to contract creep feed, call your local CVA feed location and we would be happy to get a contracted creep price in for you.

Besides the creep feed booking, we are also starting our Spring mineral promotion. This promotion will run March 3 through May 30, 2020.  If a producer purchases 2 to 4.99 ton of mineral, they will receive a 5 qt CVA logo cooler; and if 5 ton or more is purchased, the producer will get one pair of dry shod or muck boots. This time of year, it’s good to think about hi mag, rebreeding, and fly control minerals. Brands we carry are our own CVA branded mineral consisting of Tall Grass and Power Cow, Purina minerals, and Hubbard minerals. Our feed sales specialists can work with a producer to determine how many bags or tubs their cow herd will consume in a 30-day timeframe.  As a guide: 50 cows will consume 8 bags of complete mineral in a 30-day period, or 3 tubs, where 150 cows will consume 23 bags (1/2 ton) of complete mineral or 8 tubs per month.

Another promotion our feed sales specialist will contact producers about is our Safeguard Deworming program. If you are a producer with 150 head+, we will collect and send in fecal samples to determine an internal parasite load, deworm those cattle, then perform a post fecal to show the advantages of deworming cattle orally for internal parasites. If you are interested in a free fecal exam, reach out to a CVA feed retail location. Once the fecal has been ran, we will have Safeguard dewormer options available for purchase. This program will run March 15 through May 15, 2020. The feed sales team is looking forward to bringing these promotions to producers in our CVA footprint.
by Brandi Salestrom
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