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Organic Fertilizer

March 20, 2020

When you think of organic fertilizer, you probably think of manure and historically that has been the case. Lately, we have seen a change; manure is no longer the only option for organic growers.  While manure is still a great source of organic nutrients, now we can supplement the nutrients from manure and the nitrogen from cover crops or rotational crops with other organic fertilizers. 

Central Valley Ag has been working with our vendors to source organically certified fertilizers that work within CVA’s logistics.   CVA does not own manure spreaders, but we do have excellent application equipment, tender trucks, and bulk storage that we can clean out and use for organic fertilizers.   Below is a small list of products we are now providing for organic producers.   

NatureSafe is a division of Darling Ingredients.   They produce a high nitrogen fertilizer from a mixture of feather meal, meat and bone meal, and blood meal.   These OMRI listed products come in a dry pellet CVA that can spread with either spinner or air application machines. Standard analysis is 9-6-1 and 13-0-0.   

Intrepid provides OMRI listed potash (0-0-60) and potassium-magnesium-sulfate (0-0-21.5-10.5Mg-21S).   These products also can be applied to preseason or in-season with typical spinner or air application equipment. 
Calcium Products:  
Calcium Products provide OMRI certified pell lime (98G), and OMRI certified calcium sulfate (SO4).   CVA has used these products for years in conventional production.    

These are just a small sampling of the organic fertilizer products CVA now carries.   Watch our Agronomy Focus video on organic fertilizers to see samples of these products as well as some dry soluble products from The Andersons and NatureSafe that you might think about applying as a liquid through your equipment.
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