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CVA meeting the increased demand for DEF

March 3, 2021
Diesel exhaust fluid or DEF as it is otherwise known as, has grown to be a big part of our everyday lives.  Every new diesel vehicle or piece of equipment produced today, uses diesel exhaust fluid.  The purpose of DEF is to reduce the harmful emissions that are produced in diesel exhaust.  Today’s modern diesel engines run with a higher amount of air and a lower amount of diesel.  This is called a lean burn mixture.  This causes a more complete burn of the diesel which makes the engine more efficient. 

The downside of this efficiency is, with the presence of more air, more NOx is produced.  NOx is the molecule in diesel exhaust that contributes to smog and air pollution.  With the use of DEF, we can theoretically make the exhaust coming out of the engine cleaner than the air going in.   The DEF is injected into the diesel exhaust to produce a chemical reaction with the nitrogen oxide molecules.  The diesel exhaust fluid combines with the NOx and changes to nitrogen and water vapor, which is then released into the air. 

The dosing rate used to meet current EPA regulation is typically 2-6% of def to diesel fuel used.  One thing that experts in the industry are speculating about is the fact that to meet the upcoming EPA regulations, the dosing rates will have too more than double.  With higher dosing rates, equipment and vehicles will require more DEF than ever before.

 Central Valley Ag trying to help meet this demand with providing more ways to get the required DEF to the consumer.  One thing we are working on, is adding DEF dispensers at some of our higher volume fuel sites.  This lets the producer fill with DEF as they are filling with diesel.  Another option is our on the farm DEF deliveries.  We now can deliver bulk DEF to the farm in addition to the other bulk products that we offer.  Central Valley Ag has several bulk DEF container sizes available to the producer to aid in this bulk delivery.  We currently offer 330-gallon and 150-gallon totes.  As always, we still offer a 55-gallon drums and 2 ½ gallon jugs if this is a better fit.   Central Valley Ag stocks a full line of high-quality DEF pumps, both electric and manual, to make pumping out of these containers easy.  We feel that we can help provide a solution to meet the producers DEF needs, no matter how big or how small they are.

If you would like to get more information about what Central Valley Ag has to offer, please contact your local Central Valley Ag energy office, or reach out to any of our certified energy specialist to see what will best fit your operation.

by Chris Clingman, Lubricant/Energy Service 
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