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WE ARE CVA | Humphrey, NE

May 9, 2018

When you step foot in the Humphrey, Nebraska CVA location, you're greeted by Connie Beller, Customer Service Specialist, and it’s quite likely you will run into Location Manager, Michael Bayer. Michael isn’t exactly what you might picture when you think of a location manager; he’s a pretty young guy. In fact, most of the staff at the Humphrey location is made up of millennials. Now, don’t judge them by their age, although young, this team has one very important thing figured out, and that’s teamwork.
“We’ve got a good young crew here that knows what they’re doing, they’re experienced in their jobs,” says Bayer. “Everybody knows what to get ready, and we try to keep improving ourselves not only with training but also building our facilities to meet the demands of the growers.”

Take a step outside, and you might see one of several sprayers rolling out to take care of a customer at their next destination. If you look closely, you might even see a small decal indicating what operator is behind the steering wheel. The crew has labeled the machines with their nicknames, and it’s quite apparent they take a lot of pride in the equipment they operate.
One of the applicators you may see behind the wheel is Tyler Eisenmann. Tyler agrees that their crew has what it takes to get the job done, “There’s a lot of energy here when it comes time to get busy, I really enjoy that. Over the years I’ve gotten to know the customers well, and I think that’s important. We’re doing a pretty big job for their operation to get them from planting to harvest, and we’ll have a little fun while we do it too.”
The job isn’t all fun and games by any means, the busy seasons bring on extended hours, problems that need to be solved, and a plethora of customers to serve. “The job has a lot of demands, but you understand when you sign up for this that it’s you and the grower and you’re going to do whatever it takes to meet that final goal. Yeah, the hours are tough, but when you have a young group like this, and everyone is working together and putting their best effort forward, all the pains and aches go away, and you get the job done,” says Michael.
Kendal Bender, Sales and Operations at the Humphrey Location agrees and even says that the long hours help to build that comradery, “The best times I think we have here are the times we get back late at night, and somebody has a problem, we all stick around and keep working together. That’s when you build great bonds; you’re all tired, but you know they need help. It builds respect for the entire crew you’re working with to keep going and get through the season.”
Each year when the snow melts off and the fields are being prepped for another growing season, the crew at Humphrey is ready too.
“We’re expanding our limits; we run ground from Humphrey all the way up to Norfolk, over to Howells and Dodge and down to North Bend, we cover a big territory. But I think, every spring when we open those doors back up and the growers start coming in here everybody knows it’s go time, and we all buckle up and get ready for the ride," states Bayer.
written by Kelli Emanuel
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