Turn the Planter You Have Into the Planter You Want: Multi-Hybrid Setup

January 25, 2018

Multi-Hybrid Setup from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

It seems like it has been quite some time since we had the opportunity to talk about planters and more specifically Multi-Hybrid Planting. So today I want to focus in on Multi-Hybrid Planters again, but I want to address something that I hear as one of the most significant concerns when I bring this subject up with a grower. Inevitably, we always get to a point where we are talking about how the planter on the farm today can best be configured to meet the grower’s needs when it comes to seed fill. Fortunately, there is more than one answer.

Today, I have Dylan Obermier with me to talk about the configuration options on vSet Select. There are multiple ways that we can set up different planters, and Dylan is going to explain Central Fill only, Central Fill plus mini hopper, and the Split Box options.

Don’t get bogged down in what your setup is now. When we talk about turning the planter you have into the planter you want, we mean it. After the toolbar, the options we have at our disposal are immense. Don’t get stuck in the mud thinking about how we “have” to do it. Instead, think about how we “could” do it if we had a blank slate, and let’s work forward from there.
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