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Added Protection for your New and Used Equipment 

November 11, 2021

As I make my way around the country making sales calls, I see lots of new or newer equipment in the fields. The equipment has changed quite a bit in the last few years, and with change comes lots of  newer equipment working harder than ever and costing more to purchase and maintain than ever. A lot of the equipment manufacturers offer an original equipment warranty, that may cover certain items up to two years. Why not protect that investment a lot longer with a comprehensive warranty program, that not only covers the engine, but also the fuel injection system, transmission, hydraulics and even the differential and hubs? 

The Cenex Total Protection Program does just that! It covers up to 10 years or 10,000 hours on new equipment and up to 8 years or 8,000 hours on used equipment. It does require that you do use quality Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster diesel fuel and high quality Cenex lubricants to protect your investment. Another great feature of the program is using Lubescan oil sample kits to keep a record of what is going on inside that equipment. It is like a doctor’s report, it will show you if something is not quite right or might suggest that you can extend your oil change intervals or will tell you if something is showing up that needs attention. It keeps you in the field, out of the repair shop and keeps your investment running strong! 

This all sounds great, but how much is this all going to cost? The Cenex Total Protection Plan costs just $799, it has no deductible, and can be transferred to a new purchaser of your equipment. The Used Equipment Program requires two drain samples before it can be approved for the program. This is to ensure that nothing is wrong with the equipment before enrolling in the program. 

To qualify for the new equipment warranty, the equipment has a diesel engine with 50 horsepower or more, less than 400 hours of service and is no more than 6 months old. Irrigation motors have less than 750 hours and no more than 60 days old. 

To qualify for the used equipment warranty, the equipment has a diesel motor with 50 horsepower or more, doesn’t meet the requirements of the new program, and has less than 8 years of service and 8,000 hours of service. Like earlier stated, it is required to pass the initial oil sample of original oil and then refilled with Cenex Premium Lubricants. After a 100 hour screening period the oil will be sampled again to make sure all is good before the warranty is approved. Once approved CHS will notify you by sending you an Approval Welcome Kit telling you about your coverage and the things you will need to do to maintain your coverage. This program requires a little more work but is well worth the investment! 

If interested or have questions about the Cenex Total Protection Plan feel free to call me, Kelly Stenka at 402-389-0765, Travis Rathje at 402-430-3650, or Justin Fleming at 785-534-0298. 
by Kelly Stenka
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