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WE ARE CVA | Grain

October 3, 2018
Fall harvest is underway across the Midwest. Trucks are on the road, combines are rolling through the fields, and your cooperative prepares to provide the speed and space our producers need throughout one of the most important times of the year. 

Central Valley Ag (CVA) believes in ensuring the long-term success of our employees and our customers by being a leader in the agricultural industry. It isn’t just providing the speed and space but knowing our member-owners and bringing value to their operations.

 The grain business is all about relationships,” says Kelby Vandenberg, grain merchandiser. “Building it with our farmers; the customer service for when they bring it to us; and then building the relationships with the end-users.

As the grain industry becomes more competitive, CVA takes steps to bring value to our member-owners through technology and operational efficiency. CVA has also added a specialty division to our grain department, which includes handling white corn, non-GMO and food grade.

“Being in the Midwest, we have access to a lot of different markets. On top of that we’ve got numerous bean processing plants and ethanol plants throughout our trade territory,” says Vandenberg. “One thing that we can provide for our farmers is that we are always going to have a consistent home for their grain.”

CVA grain specialists are the frontline grain buyers for the company who help customers find the best way to sell their grain. They engage producers in everyday grain transactions, providing non-traditional alternatives in addition to purchasing cash grain.

“The cooperative spirit means to me community, means family, and making them know that we are there for them,” says Maxine Goelz, CVA grain specialist. “During planting and harvest our producers get busy. They don’t have time to watch the market, so they appreciate a phone call from me saying ‘hey by the way, did you realize that corn has gone up 20-cents the last two weeks.”

“I think we’ve shown and continue to show that we are committed to reinvesting,” says Vandenberg. “I think we’ve added a lot of speed and space strategically in certain areas, and we are going to continue to do that to meet the demands of our owners.”  
written by Mallory Shoemaker

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