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WE ARE CVA | Ainsworth

October 30, 2019

When you look out from the Central Valley Ag Ainsworth location, you are surrounded by vast open spaces, rolling hills, and an air of tranquility. Within the Ainsworth location, you are welcomed by Linnea Steinhauser, the Customer Service Specialist, and Ben Beegle, the Location Manager. These two individuals, along with the other CVA Ainsworth team members, are ready to help your operation and build a trusting and valuable relationship with you. "A relationship with a customer is built on trust, and our customers know they can trust we are going to do the right thing in whatever challenges come forth," said Beegle. 
CVA Ainsworth location offers liquid fertilizer, dry fertilizer, seed sales, scouting, soil samples, crop protection, and other agronomy related needs. However, the Ainsworth team knows that the most important tool in their belt is the ability to make an honest, sustainable relationship with the growers. Ron Heerten, a CVA member-owner and co-owner of Tri R Farms Inc., said, "It all comes down to the people at the location level. I think CVA is really getting it, in terms of meeting our needs through its people." 

Heerten has been a CVA member-owner for five years and has experienced what makes CVA different. He said, "We at Tri R Farms Inc. have always felt that we can go further by working together, then if we tried independently. I feel that's what the cooperative system is all about. Working together, we can do more." Whether it's working together in the field or at the location, the team and group effort makes a difference. 
"As a community, as CVA, everybody is working toward something important, and we become a family," said Linnea Steinhauser. As CVA grows, the importance of the location team and community becomes even more significant. Heerten said, "When we started doing business with CVA, I had some concerns about the size of the business. CVA is a very large company, and I thought there was a possibility that service would be lacking in a situation like that. I have been pleasantly surprised because it has been exactly the opposite of that." 

"Whenever a customer is in need of something, they know we will go the extra mile. We are always there, and the customer knows this, 24/7, we are just a phone call away," said Beegle. When customers hear about the Ainsworth location, they know that the team is bringing value to their operation in significant ways. Building trust, relationship, and value together. The customers and employees of CVA Ainsworth are proud to say We Are CVA.
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