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Virtual ACS Event

September 10, 2020

9.17.20 | ACS Innovation Overview from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Like many events in 2020, Central Valley Ag’s ACS Innovation Series looked a little different this August. Each year these events are open to anybody interested in learning about the research and development driven by CVA agronomists at these plots. However, this year to create a safe environment for attendees, a stricter schedule was developed. Various time-slots and start times at each location helped lessen the crowd at the event and kept growers and employees at a safe social distance.



An even safer way for producers to learn what CVA has been up-to this growing season has been developed. A Virtual Event allows growers to view videos on the variety of topics discussed at the event, review data sheets associated with the findings, and plot playbooks mapping everything in detail. “We thought with COVID constantly changing the regulations of events throughout the year, that we better provide an entirely online event for producers,” said Mick Goedeken, ACS Innovation Agronomist. “Research and development doesn’t just stop because of COVID. The growing season continues, nobody knows that more than our farmers. Continuing to collect the data, share our findings, and provide our customers with the best recommendations is our top priority. The virtual event was just another way we could help share our findings with growers.”

Attend the ACS Innovation Series virtual event by clicking here.


This year, CVA hosted its first Organic ACS Innovation Event in Marquette, Nebraska. “We all have had the opportunity to extend our knowledge through our Organic Innovation site this summer,” said Goedeken. “Seriously, who would think that we would be testing 12 different fertility treatments for organic corn?” The information gathered at the organic site is available to view on the virtual event site alongside the conventional site information. 

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