CVA Elite

Innovative products that yield solutions for our member-owners

Why Private Label/Brand?

At CVA, we believe that meaningful, productive change only comes by looking at challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising curiosity. With the changing agronomy market, we feel we have an opportunity to deliver more value to our customers by launching our own private label brand of agronomy products – CVA Elite. 

How Does This Benefit Me?

  • Elevates the Customer's Expectation of Value and Local Performance
  • Formulated for Local Needs
  • Creates Loyalty
  • Creates a Sustainable Differential Advantage
  • Platform for Product Expansion
  • Simplifies Our Product Offering

CVA Elite Products

CVA Elite products have been proven in the geography of CVA through field testing and are built for the dynamic growing conditions and stresses growers face each year, resulting in more profit per acre.

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Question and Answer

Questions about our products? We have answers! Click the below topics to learn about our CVA Elite Brand or learn more about each product and their use rate.