Power Cow Mineral

A mineral program tailored to match your local grazing and feeding conditions with the nutrient needs of your herd.  Highlights of the Power Cow line of minerals include:

Feed post-weaning to pre-calving

  • Can be fed as a year round supplement
  • Contains magnesium
  • Formulated for local grass conditions and crop residue
  • Can be fed with Ethanol by-products
  • Medicated options available

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Importance of Weatherization
Weatherization is an important piece of our Power Cow mineral program. Weatherization resists moisture from rain or humidity, reducingclumping or hardening of product in the feeder. The course, particle size cuts down on mineral loss from wind, saving producers money and providing the ability to consistently track intakes. The palatability of our CVA Power Cow mineral line creates improved intakes, assuring producers that their herd is meeting their daily requirements. The Power Cow minerals come with the options of additional IGR, Garlic, CTC-IGR, XPC yeast or MOS.