Tall Grass Mineral


collection of  various white bag package template on white background. each one is shot separatelyA mineral program tailored to match your local grazing and feeding conditions with the nutrient needs of your herd.  Consider these options that best feed your herd’s needs:

Tall Grass Breeder LaC Mag

  • Feed from 30 days post-calving until weaning
  • Contains Magnesium supplementation

Tall Grass Pre-Calving Minerals

  • Feed 30 days pre-calving to 30 days post-calving
  • Designed to improve calf immunity
  • Improved cow colostrum
  • Contains organic trace minerals
  • Available with MOS for scour control
  • Medicated options available

Importance of Weatherization

  • Features a weatherized formula that resists moisture penetration or clumping in the feeder, reducing losses and saving time and money
  • Consists of coarse particles that help reduce dust and losses from wind, saving money and allowing for more accurate monitoring of consumption
  • Offers superior palatability for improved intake

Whether it be from rain or excessive humidity, moisture is the enemy of non-weatherized mineral. Moisture causes the mineral to clump or harden, making it unavailable for cattle. Covered feeders offer little protection from the various ways moisture can affect mineral. Only Superior All-Weather Technology® prevents these losses.

TG Chart2

Wind is another major source of mineral loss. Studies have shown that with nonweatherized mineral, losses can be substantial. In a recent wind tunnel trial, minerals with various types of weatherization were exposed to winds of 15 mph for 12 hours. Superior All-Weather Technology® was clearly superior in cutting losses due to wind.

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