Crop Budgeting Calculator


The Crop Budgeting Calculator is a spreadsheet that was created to help our clients calculate the costs and returns on their crops.

How to Use the Calculator 

The calculator is supplied below in two separate formats.

If you have Microsoft Excel, you can download and use the calculator in XLS format.

Crop Budgeting Calculator for Microsoft Excel

If you do not have a spreadsheet program at all, you can use a free on-line service. We recommend Google Drive. The Google Drive service is free for individuals. It supplies you with 15 Gigabytes of storage to store any kind of files. It includes on-line applications, including a spreadsheet program. Plus, documents created by the Google applications are not counted toward your 15 GB limit. Google also has Apps for Android and Apple mobile devices that will let you work with your calculator using your phone or tablet.

Once you sign up with Google Drive, and go to the “My Drive” page, you will see a “CREATE” button.

  1. Click “CREATE” and choose “Spreadsheet.” It will open a blank spreadsheet for you.
  2. Click the File menu, and choose “Import….” 
  3. Click the “Choose File” button.
  4. In the window that opens, in the “File name:” box, enter this address:
  5. Click Open.

It will take several seconds, but soon a new window will open with the Crop Budgeting Calculator. It’s now yours to use on-line, stored in your Google Drive. You can use it, then archive it with a different name by using the “File” menu > “Make a Copy….”