Statement Tutorials

Customer and Prepaid Statement Tutorials

Central Valley Ag has created informative videos to help with understanding your CVA Customer Statement and CVA Prepaid Statement. Also for your convenience are Statement Examples that you can download for reference located below. 

Customer Statement Tutorial Video 
Customer Statement Example 

Prepaid Statement Tutorial Video
Prepaid Statement Example

If you have questions, please contact Member Services at 402.362.8431 or or visit with your local CVA Customer Support Specialist. 

Tips for Calling About Your Statement

  1. Make sure you are calling the proper site concerning your account to get information. Please refer to CVA Site of Purchase Code and Contact information found on your statement. 
  2. Have your account number ready.
  3. If you have to leave a voicemail, please leave your Name, Account Number and Phone Number. 

Thank you for your business, and for helping us help you.