ACS Innovation Series

Jan 20, 2022

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Want to know what we learned about our 2021 ACS Innovation Sites? Aaron Sindelar, CVA Sustainability Lead, joins Tim Mundorf, CVA Director of Soil Management, to discuss the results-driven research done during the 2021 growing season.

"We were able to top 318 bushels across the entire location at our Polk, Nebraska ACS Innovation Site." - Aaron Sindelar

But keep in mind, our goal is not just to raise high-bushel crops; it's really to test different products. There's a big focus on dry fertility testing, in-furrow products, and foliar applications. Then each year, we try other things such as seed treatments or planting diagnostics. It depends on what we want to understand that particular year. We wanted to explore this year specifically new microbial-type products. These products are made to improve nutrient availability, later season nitrogen, or help with nutrient uptake. We want to know, "do these products do what they say they do"? How do they perform in different environments, and do they deliver? Watch the video to hear Tim and Aaron dive deeper into what we learned this past year.

Check out the 2021 Harvest Data Book filled with results-driven research from the CVA ACS Innovation Sites here:

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