Bulk Oil Delivery

Chris Clingman

May 29, 2022

Bulk Oil

Are you tired of moving around large drums oil or the mess they make? How about getting the oil drained out of that piece of equipment you are needing to use tomorrow, only to realize that you don’t have enough jugs of oil to fill it?  Central Valley Ag can help solve these problems with bulk oil delivery to your shop.

Across most of Central Valley Ag’s trade territory, we can deliver various bulk Cenex lubricants directly to your bulk totes.  If you already have bulk oil totes this can be accomplished with just a call to your local Certified Energy Specialist or Energy office.  They will place the order for you and dispatch a truck on the next available route.  If you don’t currently have bulk oil totes, we can assist with getting your operation set up with the equipment needed. 

Central Valley Ag has many different options to chose from when it comes to bulk lubricant equipment.  Most bulk oil totes start around 120 gallons and go up from there.  The average operation can greatly benefit with stackable gravity drain oil totes.  For some situations though, air operated lube pumps, meters, hose reels, and nozzles make sense.  By using different Cenex programs that you might qualify for, we can help pay for a large portion of this equipment.  Depending on your estimated usage each year, most if not all the cost can be covered.  We have the knowledge to assist you in deciding what equipment and program will best suit your operation. 

Based on how much oil your operation uses, we will also help you pick a tank size that works best for the space you have and with our delivery schedule, so that you always have the oil you need.  In most cases, Central Valley Ag can also deliver packaged oil and greases to your shop, while delivering the bulk oil.  This is a great convenience for most customers, as it eliminates an extra trip to town.

If you would like to know more about the bulk oil delivery program in your area, or any other energy option that Central Valley Ag has to offer, you can give your local Central Valley Ag location a call.  That location will then put you in touch with a Certified Energy Specialist that has the knowledge to help you make an informed decision.