Cenex Premium Diesel vs. Untreated #2 Diesel

Mike Argo

Jun 03, 2022

CVA Fuel truck

Obviously, we live in a very volatile world right now, and the last thing you want is breakdowns and expensive service work to fix them. One thing you can do to help put your mind at ease is choosing Cenex Premium Diesel over untreated #2 diesel. Cenex Premium Diesel fuel has all the additives you need to help you operate with high efficiency and have less downtime. Here is the list of the seven additives that helped Cenex lead the industry in premium diesel fuels for over 50 years.

  1. Demulsifier: This keeps moisture from getting in to the fuel system. A demulsifier separates water from the fuel, along with gravity, it will drop the water to the bottom of the tank for easy draining. It will also reduce the volume of moisture that enters the combustion chamber and reduce filter plugging
  2. Aggressive Detergents: These detergents will help your injectors remain clean to have the correct consistent spray patterns to help provide a clean and complete burn. In the end, it will clean the entire fuel system.
  3. Injection Stabilization: This prevents the diesel from coking. You may ask “What is coking?” Coking is the build up of unwanted deposits in the engine, which are formed when oils are placed under high engine temperatures. It will keep your injectors clean and prevent fouling. This will help you save money as it will reduce filter and injector repairs or replacement.
  4. Lubricity Improver: This prevents moving parts from excessive wear and failure, This additive provides 10-15% more lubricity than your typical untreated #2 diesel.
  5. Corrosion Inhibitors: This will prevent the fuel system from forming rust and corrosion on metal parts. It will also prevent any leaks, blocking, and breaks that could cause downtime and very expensive breaks.
  6. Storage Stabilizer: This does was it says. It stabilizes the fuel. It will also extend the life of your fuel and tolerates extreme temperatures. It reduces varnish and gum buildup and increases the injectors life. This is huge for maximizing the overall performance.
  7. Cetane Improver: The quality of your ignition system is enhanced for smoother and quicker starts with this additive. The diesel particulate filter will last longer with having a cleaner exhaust and fewer emissions. Your battery and starter will have less wear and tear, so it will extend the life of them.

So, as you can see there is a huge advantage for running Cenex Premium Diesel over you standard untreated #2 diesel. Cenex Premium Diesel will extend the life of your engine and reduce your downtime to save you money. With the volatility in the fuel markets and cost of everything you buy, don’t you want the piece of mind knowing that you can save money by using Cenex Premium Diesel?

For questions about Cenex Premium Diesel call Mike Argo at 785-447-1725 or mike.argo@cvacoop.com.