CENEX Premium Roadmaster and Fieldmaster Diesel Fuels

Travis Rathje

Mar 08, 2023

CVA Fuel truck

With the tight tolerances in diesel engines today, running a premium diesel fuel is essential to maintaining the life of your equipment and keeping costs down.  CVA offers CENEX Fieldmaster and Roadmaster premium diesel fuels to help keep those costs down and your equipment running smoothly.  You may ask yourself, why should I spend more on premium diesel fuel when I can save a few pennies per gallon on a cheaper one?  CVA along with CENEX are here to ensure you are running the best possible fuel in your equipment to help reduce unwanted repairs and keep your operation profitable.  Let’s look at what makes CENEX Fieldmaster and Roadmaster a step above the rest.

CENEX premium diesel fuels come with a more complete, terminally injected additive package.  Our additive package is designed to help restore power and fuel economy.  So, what does our additive package contain?

Our fuel contains seven different additives to help keep your equipment running efficiently.  First is our demulsifier to help keep moisture from entering the fuel system.  The demulsifier separates water from the fuel and helps drop the water to the bottom for easing draining during stops.  It also reduces filter plugging saving you money on extra filters.  Corrosion inhibitors protect the fuel lines from rust and corrosion, along with other metal parts in the fuel system.  Injection stabilizers prevent diesel fuel from coking.  This will help reduce filter and injector repairs and replacements.  Lubricity improvers will protect your moving parts from excessive wear and failure.  Our lubricity improvers will provide 10-15% more lubricity than your typical #2 diesel fuel.  Aggressive detergents will clean your entire fuel system and help restore power up to 4.5% and restore fuel economy up to 5%.  These detergents also help maintain an ideal injector fuel spray pattern.   Cetane improvers will provide a more complete burn for a cleaner exhaust system.  Finally, our storage stabilizer will help extend the storage life of your fuel compared to a typical #2 diesel fuel. 

Not only will running CENEX’s premium diesel fuels increase your fuel economy and performance, it will help reduce downtime and save you money by keeping your operation running.  While using CENEX Fieldmaster, combine that with our Total Protection Plan Warranty, and CENEX covers your diesel injectors for 5 years or 5,000 hours and injection pumps for 9 years or 9,000 hours on select new agricultural equipment. 

If you would like to learn more about our Fieldmaster and Roadmaster diesel fuels or our Total Protection Plan Warranty, contact your local CVA Energy office or email us at energy@cvacoop.com

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