Central Valley Ag announces launch of CVA Elite Lineup

Feb 01, 2021

CVA Elite Banner

(York, Neb.) Central Valley Ag Cooperative (CVA) is excited to announce CVA Elite, a proprietary line-up of Adjuvants, Stabilizers, Growth Promoters, & Seed Treatments that will be offered for the 2021 growing season.

CVA believes that meaningful, productive change only comes by looking at challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising curiosity. With the changing agronomy market, CVA feels there is an opportunity to deliver more value to the customers by launching a private label brand of agronomy products.

CVA Elite products will provide a more systematic approach, providing customers reliable solutions in a complex world of Adjuvants, Stabilizers, Growth Promoters & Seed Treatments.

These CVA Products include:

  • Protect UREA
  • Protect UAN
  • PHP
  • COC
  • NIS
  • MSO
  • Drift & Deposition
  • AMS + Surfactant


CVA Elite products have been proven in the geography of CVA via field testing and are built for the dynamic growing conditions and stresses growers face each year, resulting in more profit per acre.

“The CVA Elite line-up was built with the vision of innovative products that yield solutions for our member-owners,” said Nic McCarthy, Senior VP of Agronomy for CVA, “As agriculture is changing around us, we must lead with innovation and CVA Elite products meet the demands of our members”.