CVA Promotes Grain Bin Safety with Grain Engulfment Training Trailer

Jul 09, 2024

Grain Engulfment Trailer

Central Valley Ag (CVA) is proud to announce the completion of its groundbreaking grain engulfment trailer, designed to provide local first responders with training for grain bin rescues.

Developed in partnership with EBM Construction, this $75,000 training tool began development in March 2023. Through a year of collaboration, community donations, and dedicated effort, the trailer is now fully operational.

The project began with a generous donation of the base trailer from Klute Truck Equipment and Cornerstone Bank in Bradshaw, Neb. This trailer was then designed and fabricated by EBM construction to become a fully functional grain engulfment simulator. CVA and EBM Construction worked together to finalize the design and build what is now known as the CVA Grain Engulfment Training Trailer.

While local donations covered a significant portion of the cost, EBM Construction covered the remaining balance. Andrew Ellsworth, Vice President of EBM, recognizes the importance of this training tool for local communities, farmers, and rescue teams and says EBM sees the trailer’s impact as invaluable.

“This trailer could save the life of an employee, a friend, or a customer.” Said Ellsworth. “While rescue videos offer valuable information on effective grain bin rescue, nothing can compete with practicing real-life scenarios. We are thankful to work with CVA on such an impactful project and look forward to the positive difference it will make in our communities.”

This one-of-a-kind trailer offers local fire departments and emergency personnel a safe and realistic environment to practice their grain bin rescue skills. The unique design allows trainees to be safely submerged up to their waist or chest in simulated grain, enabling rescue teams to practice critical extrication techniques.

"The reality is these rescue teams will be responding to real grain entrapment situations on farms or businesses.” Explains Joel Wochner, CVA Bradshaw Location Manager. "This trailer provides them with the opportunity to practice using their equipment in a controlled environment, ultimately improving response times and saving lives."

Central Valley Ag recognizes the vital role first responders play in rural communities, particularly for specialized rescues. The grain engulfment trailer is available free of charge to local fire departments for training purposes.

The Bradshaw, Hampton, and Henderson Fire Departments have already benefited from this innovative training resource, and CVA hopes many more departments will follow suit.

CVA has been deeply involved in preventing and rescuing grain engulfment incidents with our rope rescue teams.” Said Brent Reichmuth, SVP Operations at CVA. “We are excited to further these efforts by using this trailer to enhance training for both CVA and our local communities."