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Cheyenne Rathe

May 23, 2024

Horse Power Tubs


Horse owners across the world want the best for their equine partners, and proper nutrition is a vital first step to overall health and performance. When reviewing the physiology and natural habits of horses, we can see they are grazing animals, built to forage all day long, consuming small, frequent meals along the way. This is evident by their relatively small stomach compared to their total gastrointestinal tract size, comprising only 9-10% by volume. This means that feed does not stay in the stomach very long and can even pass through the stomach in as little as 1 hour after intake, depending on the size of the meal, leaving a horse vulnerable to increased acid production, digestive upset, and ulcering. Ideally, horses would have access to feed at all times and not be meal-fed to reduce these risks, but in today’s world, that is not always doable.


CVA Horse Power tubs have been meticulously built and tested to provide optimal nutrition to different life stages of horses. The first thing you will notice in the tubs is their dark-colored, glossy, rough texture. The feed is hard enough to let rain and weather roll off and horses not overconsume, but soft enough they will get something out of it when they go to lick. Through formulation and trials, we have verified and locked in the consumption rate at one pound per day for an average-sized 1,100-pound horse. This is true for horses that have access to the CVA Horse Power tubs 24/7, meaning there is no need for meal feeding. 

Two macro qualities you will find in all the Horse Power tubs are an all-natural protein source and flax seed.  These tubs do not contain any urea or animal byproducts. Flax seed contains high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids which act as a non-inflammatory energy source known to support hair and coat health, joints and soft tissues, the immune system through increased cell membrane fluidity, and normal gastrointestinal function. 

Looking at the micro qualities, we have a lot to be proud of – all tubs include a fully balanced vitamin and trace mineral package tailored to individual life stage, the B vitamin Biotin, and added Amaferm®. Vitamin B7, Biotin, is required in the diet for keratin production and optimal function of many enzymes that support hoof health, healthy skin and coat, and energy metabolism. While the hindgut microbes do produce biotin during fermentation, it is unclear if the horse is absorbing enough since the main site of vitamin absorption is in the foregut. Amaferm® is a proprietary strain of prebiotic from Aspergillus oryzae produced by Biozyme® that optimizes gut health through increasing feed intake, increasing the digestibility of feeds, and increasing absorption of feeds. Through these methods, horses have a reduced risk of digestive upset or colic and can increase and maintain a better body condition.


All CVA Horse Power tubs are available in a 50# or 250# tub for your convenience.

Tubs available:

  • CVA Horse Power Maintenance Tub
    • Made to balance the diet of the average horse. The maintenance tub will work well for ranch horses who just need a little something without putting in a lot of labor to take care of them or the easy keepers out on pasture or dry lots not expending large amounts of energy. Also recommended for horses in light work only, not being ridden every day.
  • CVA Horse Power Breeder Tub
    • Made to balance the diet of the growing, breeding, or lactating horse for proper growth and performance.
  • CVA Horse Power Performance Tub
    • Made to supplement the working and performing horse. The performance tub is ideal for horses who are doing moderate to hard work daily whether it is out on the ranch or in the arena. Also recommended for horses that have a hard time keeping weight on.



  • Feed Sales Manager: Spencer Shifflet – (308) 883-0949 (Ainsworth, NE)
  • Feed Sales Specialist: Merlin Schlote – (402) 649-9383 (Elgin, NE)
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  • Feed Sales Specialist: Nathan Bracht – (402) 380-0826 (West Point, NE)



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