Planning for next season

Nov 19, 2021

fertilizer application

With fertilizer prices high for the 2022 crop season, CVA is here to make sure that you utilize fertilizer applications in the right parts of your fields. Alex Heiden, ACS Specialist in Marquette, Nebraska joins Tim Mundorf, Director of Soil Management on this week's Agronomy Focus to discuss CVA's intensive soil sampling programs. 

Using these programs will unveil an opportunity to capture the variation of nutrients within your fields and take a targeted approach when fertilizing for this upcoming season.

“We’re getting the report card of how we did the year before. Collecting that data helps us know what we need to do to move our fertility to the next level.” - Alex Heiden, ACS Specialist

To hear a more in-depth conversation on soil sampling and fertility, listen to Season 3 Episode 8 of the SOIL TALK podcast.