Progress Update: Central Valley Ag's Courtland Hub Taking Shape for 2025 Completion

May 31, 2024

Grain Bins

180 days have passed since ground broke at CVA's Courtland Hub and about ninety days since the last update. Since that last update, significant progress has been made.

The first three grain bins are complete, including their roofs. Construction on bin number four is progressing, and bin number five will begin construction by the second week of June. Bins six and seven are on track: foundations and walls for bin six will be finished within the next week and a half, followed by jump form walls. Bin seven's foundation is complete, with foundation walls starting in a couple of weeks.

The dirt work for the liquid plant is complete, with construction beginning soon. Contractors will be on-site the first week of June to begin construction of the three large liquid tanks and the liquid/chemistry facility building.

All dirt work will be completed by July 1st and the rail contractor will arrive mid-June to begin rail construction. The office basement has been poured, the walls are up, and construction will resume on the building in mid-June as well. Next week, erosion prevention will be done by seeding ryegrass and oat mix in open field areas.

Scheduled for completion in Summer 2025, the Courtland Hub facility holds promise as a cutting-edge establishment, featuring a high-speed shuttle loader on a loop track with seamless access to BNSF Railroad. It is poised to offer on-site storage facilities capable of accommodating approximately 5.5 million bushels of grain.  

Simultaneously, the agronomy plant, slated for completion in the spring of 2025, will house a state-of-the-art 3.5 million-gallon Liquid Fertilizer Plant, alongside a chemical and seed warehouse. Notably, the Liquid Fertilizer Plant is designed with versatile capabilities, enabling the receipt of tons via rail or truck. 

The next 90 days of this project will be crucial, with significant progress being made on buildings, offices, and grain bins. Stay tuned for updates!

“We are proud of the progress made on this facility in the last 120 days and are excited for the next 120.” Said Wes O’Bannon, VP of Operations at CVA. “This project is allowing us to better serve the producers of north central Kansas, following through with our mission statement to deliver value to our members.”