Protecting your nitrogen investment

Mar 25, 2021


This month the CVA agronomy team dives into the topic of Protecting Your Nitrogen Investment. Tim Mundorf, CVA Nutrient Management Lead, is joined by Paul Rasmussen and Aaron Sindelar. Paul works as a CVA Field Sales Agronomist (FSA) from the Tilden, Nebraska location, while Aaron is CVA’s Conservation Agronomist. Together they get in-depth on protecting Nitrogen. CVA is bringing two new products to the market, CVA Elite Protect UAN and CVA Elite Protect Urea. These nitrogen inhibitors are options to limit the nitrogen loss you might have, whether it’s through volatilization, denitrification, or leaching. Learn more about these products by watching the Agronomy Focus video. So, what got farmers thinking about using inhibitors in the first place? “I think one of the biggest reasons is just awareness of management,” said Paul. “Wanting to protect the nitrogen and keep it in stable form so we aren’t affecting groundwater, and also protecting our investment with nitrogen being one of the highest costing nutrients.”

“I agree. Looking into protecting nitrogen is an opportunity to get past a plateau on yields. If you are looking for new strategies, I think this is absolutely a way where you can get that nitrogen where you need it most,” commented Aaron. “Talking with your FSA can help you better understand your nitrogen management program and how to leverage these types of products.” Listen to Tim, Paul and Aaron's full discussion on Protecting Your Nitrogen Investment on the latest episode of the SOIL TALK podcast: