Summer fill program and locking in gallons on contract

Kendra Berg

Mar 02, 2022

propane truck

While the warmer weather is slowly creeping up, some things to keep in mind as a propane customer is our Summer Fill Program and locking in gallons on contract for the winter months. A lot of propane customers don’t know or haven’t heard of Central Valley Ag's Summer Fill Program. 

It is a program that we do from June to August where propane prices are usually at their lowest. Why are the prices so low at this time you may ask? Supply and demand are the factor in that. During the cold months the demand for propane is high and shortages begin so the cost of propane increases. So that means in the summer when the demand is low then the prices will then drop. We always recommend scheduling a fill between June – August if you are not on our keep full list. Taking advantage of the Summer Fill Program you’re not only getting the best price you also will be prepared when the cold weather returns. It is always smart to have a full tank when entering cold weather in case of an energy emergency, or the propane supply is low and you don’t have to worry about getting a fill when the temperature drops, and the drivers are busy.

If you use propane for residential, commercial or agriculture use its always a good option to lock in gallons during the spring through summer months. This is typically when the cost of propane is at its lowest so if you get fills during the winter months this may be a good option. CVA offers a couple different contracting options. One is a 100% prepaid contract where you pay in full for the number of gallons you contract at a low fixed price. This option always comes with the cheapest fixed price, and it leaves you stress free since its already paid for. CVA’s second option contract is a .15 cent down contract, where you must put 15 cents down to the gallons you contract at a fixed price. These two-contracts run from September to the end of April. CVA does offer a budget bill propane contract where you decide on your gallon amount, and we split that up into monthly payments from June to the end of April. Purchasing gallons in advance at a fixed price will put your mind at ease throughout the winter months instead of trying to play the market and getting stuck paying the highest price because you are in need the propane. Contracting out is not always a guarantee to have the best price, there’s always a possibility the market price could be lower. The last couple years customers have been saving money by doing the contract vs playing the market our studies have shown.

Our CVA Energy locations are always available to step you through the contracting options or guide you into making the best decision for your needs. Reach out today to communicate on best possible pricing.