Time for Spring Mineral

Taylor Ohlde

Apr 06, 2022

Mineral Cow Bags

Spring brings new life with baby calves, fresh grass, and more daylight to make the days all the more busy and hectic. But spring can also bring on new challenges for the cow-calf producer. 

Lush, green grass increases the chances of cattle being diagnosed with Hypomagnesia otherwise known as “grass tetany”. This is caused by growing forages that uptake excess levels of nitrogen and potassium from fertilizer or pastures grazed heavily the previous season and further decreases the amount of magnesium available to the animal. This results in low levels of magnesium in the blood stream and can cause cattle to seem delirious, stagger, and have muscle tremors. If caught early, cattle can be given an IV of Cal Dex CMPK and usually come around in about thirty minutes. 

However, it is always safer and more effective to prevent the issue by supplying cattle with Power Cow mineral. This elevates the magnesium levels in the cows blood stream and combats low mag levels. Feed this mineral at least 30 days prior to turn out to ensure it is working within your herd at its greatest capacity. Continue feeding for 30-60 days post turn out depending on your grasses. Also remember that by feeding a quality mineral all year round such as Power Cow All Season 8 mineral. This will secure that your cow herd is protected from major deficiencies and can respond better to feed, vaccine and treatment for illness. 

Don’t miss out on the spring mineral promotions going on at your local CVA location! Contact your feed sales specialist or CVA feed mill for the current program running in your area. Hope everyone is having a prosperous calving season and pastures are greening up near you!