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Agronomy Focus | Raven Autonomous Technology

Oct 14, 2021

Technology is rapidly changing every day in the agriculture industry. In today’s Agronomy Focus, Tim is joined by Paul Bruns, Raven Sales Specialist. They discuss the excitement around autonomous technology through the use of OMNIDRIVE and OMNIPOWER.‚Äč

Throughout the video, you will see up close what the new OMNIPOWER autonomous dry spreader looks like and learn how easy to use and how effective it can be for your operation.

“The key value that autonomy brings to the producer or the ag retail setting is that we always have a shortage of quality help. Whether it’s at the farm or anywhere in ag and we struggle to find that help. One of the nice things about autonomy is consistency. We (Raven) don’t want to take away jobs, but autonomy allows the farmer to reallocate that job to something that has more value on the farm.” - Paul Bruns, Raven Sales Specialist.

The CVA team is dedicated to finding the latest technology to help producers become more profitable and efficient.

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Brent Reichmuth, VP of Operations, says innovation is built into the company’s core values. “The path to autonomy for Central Valley Ag really starts with the fact that we live by five core values every day and one of those core values is constant innovation,” he says. “What constant innovation means to us is we need to look at our challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising curiosity.  The shrinking labor pool along with curiosity of what autonomous means and could mean to our organization got us started down the path.”

Interested in learning more? Come join us at our test plot to learn more about OMNIDRIVE. Reach out to Field Sales Agronomist to learn more and register!

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