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March 20, 2017

3-20-17 Xtendimax Changes from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Today marks a change of the seasons; when day almost equals night and atmospheric refraction hastens sunrises and delays sunsets adding to the amount of daylight. So every day moving forward we are going to see the grasses green, the trees get leaves, and the landscapes of our lives change right before our eyes. This article marks other changes, changes that have happened since some of you joined us for one of the Soybean Trait meetings earlier this month. We said that we would see new tank mixes, new adjuvants, and new nozzles added to some of those trait technologies and sure enough while you were sitting in those meetings updates were being made and have continued for the past few weeks.

With everything greening up, it's about time to do some burndown applications. This is where Xtendimax technology will come in handy. We need to inform ourselves on how we may be able to utilize tank mixes and adjuvants to maximize efficacy and control of those hard to kill problems and keep on the road to proper stewardship as well.

Marestail SS

Since we are in an ever-changing landscape both literally and metaphorically speaking how do you, your Field Sales Agronomist or even I stay up to date on what is approved and what is not? In this case, I would say the internet is going to benefit us greatly and we should go directly to the source and take your laptop, tablet, phone or whatever and bookmark and check it out on a semi-regular basis for all the can and can not's of your Xtendimax system.

In navigating this website, you will find an up to date release of products available as tank mix partners, adjuvants and drift inhibitors, as well as the nozzle choices you will have as we go into this growing season. This information is paramount to the stewardship and right to use this technology and other new technologies today or in the future. Some states are considering fines or other punishments for off-label or off-target applications of some of these new systems, so the stakes are a bit higher than they used to be.

Just remember one last thing, THE LABEL IS THE LAW, and we need to ALWAYS make sure we are double checking the most current label for any product we apply and READ AND FOLLOW ALL LABEL DIRECTIONS. The website is a good reference but is only that just a reference.

I want to thank those of you who attended those informational meetings about these important technologies moving forward. I encourage you to make sure you are staying abreast of all the changes that have been made or will continue as the growing season moves forward. Please make sure you are communicating with your location managers, FSA’s, your employees, and neighbors on what you have planted where and what the plan is. Knowledge of the technologies and open communications will help us have a good implementation of plans and the technologies going forward, and keep our missteps and mistakes to a minimum.

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