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Big Check represents Big Warranty Coverage

Apr 03, 2018

Central Valley Ag (CVA) presents Rex and Gayle Copple of Copple Farms a check for $4,607.34 for Cenex Total Protection Plan coverage on a Case-IH tractor.

The Total Protection Plan extends beyond equipment manufacturers’ warranties to provide valuable coverage and peace of mind to producers who use premium Cenex lubricants and fuels. It’s a small investment for a warranty that brings valuable coverage on equipment that needs to avoid downtime.

At Rex Copple’s farm in Cloud County, Kansas, they got peace of mind about their equipment by enrolling in the warranty program. Copple explains, “All of our eligible equipment goes on the plan and I’m so glad we did. When bought new, this tractor had a manufacturer warranty that lasted three years. At three years and one week, the tractor needed some repairs that were no longer covered by that warranty. Thanks to the cooperative’s TPP warranty, the cost was covered. This is the second time that this tractor has needed major repairs, and the cooperative’s warranty has covered the costs again.”

The Copple’s $4,607.34 bill for the repairs and labor on the tractor was covered under the plan. With a no-hassle claim submission process and downtime reduced to a just a few days, the Copples could get back to operations sooner.

The warranty plan provides coverage for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours on new equipment and 8 years or 8,000 hours on existing equipment, with no deductible.

“It’s a great way to protect your investment in your agricultural equipment,” said Mark Pollet, CVA Petroleum Service Technician. “These machines do a lot of work and there is no time for downtime.”

Contact your CVA energy team, a certified Cenex distributor, to help you find the right energy products and protection for all your equipment.


Mark Pollet and Tracy Haller of Central Valley Ag present Rex and
Gayle Copple a Cenex TPP Warranty Check.

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