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CVA Farmway Unification Information

May 16, 2017

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CVA Farmway Unification Information

WHY WOULD FARMWAY & CVA CONSIDER UNIFICATION? Both Farmway and CVA place a heavy emphasis on bringing value to their customers/members. Both cooperatives feel that combining resources will offer an opportunity to increase the value for their respective members and allow them to better serve their markets. The agriculture market is shrinking via consolidations of not only providers (Monsanto & Bayer; ChemChina & Syngenta; Agrium/CPS & Potash Corp.) but producers as well. These consolidations are a result of the overall tightening of the agricultural market. The goal is to be proactive in regards to the changing market and create a stronger cooperative that can continue to provide the service, technology, access to markets and talent needed to remain competitive and valued in the eyes of our member-customers.
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WHY CVA? WHY FARMWAY? The similarities between Farmway and Central Valley Ag are numerous. Both are proud cooperatives that are focused on the success of their customers and the value brought to the market. Geographically, the unification will work well with CVA having locations in North Central Kansas. Farmway is focused on helping their producer-owners succeed. Headquartered in Beloit, KS, Farmway has locations across nine counties in North Central Kansas, offering energy, agronomy, and grain solutions. They also boast some very quality and well-positioned facilities and have demonstrated an ability to provide value to the members while ensuring profitability for the future. Find out more about Farmway, including their financial statements by visiting


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