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CVA Hosts Annual Employee Retreat

Feb 01, 2018

CVA Hosts Annual Employee Retreat

Central Valley Ag Cooperative (CVA) recently hosted their annual Employee Retreat in Omaha, Nebraska. The event is held to provide employees an opportunity to network with each other outside of the office and build comradery amongst employees. The following employees were recognized for their years of service at the retreat.

25 Years of Service: Kaye Klucas, Rick Wolting, Roger Emerson, Gregory Germann, John Lott, George Streit, Julie Harrison, Ernie Hoffman, Marvin Mugler, Jefrey Hollerich, Angela Behymer, Joe Senger, Amy Bell, Kim J Blackmore, Mark D Schopke, Bradley Johnson, Jacque A Dubas and John O’Bannon.

20 Years of Service: Jeanne Crawford, Keith E Gillham, Marvin J Piper, Perry Miller, Faye Bohrer, Jeremy Sprunk, Stanley Kallhoff, Todd Garman, Jason Krebs, Brian Gates, David Wilcox, Steven Arndt, Jason Rozean and John Woltje.

15 Years of Service: Joyce Nelson, Delilah Pate, Jeff Holling, Eric Goos, Randy Mitchell, Larry Bearinger, James Kreikemeier, Donald Wullenwaber, Steven Novicki, Robbie Nun, Timothy Esser, Sara Sublett, Donald Ellis, Berdon Kliewer, Melanie Lindberg, Leon Meyers, Randy Streeter and Keith Byerly.

10 Years of Service: Jonathan Lange, Daniel Allen, Kara Shavlik, Melissa Keetle-Nelson, Antonio Sanchez, James Cook, Bradley Gleason, Troy Moerker, Brett Sholes, Julie Parr, Michael Berens, Clayton Hensley, Ross Becklun, Bonnie Knopik, James Banahan, Brandon Woerner, Eric Kirby, Brandon Roth, Michael Muenchrath, Michael Lundquist, Glen Rath, Thad Russell, Gerald Schrage, Rodney Barker, Adam Watson, Brett Stevens, Duane Willnerd, Jerry Fuhrken, Derek Wiese, Deron David, Donald Drummond, Kenneth Franzluebbers, Randy Troyer, Pamela Pfeifer and Mark Sahlfeld.

5 Years of Service: Christopher Korth, Norman Leffler, Susan Robb, Kenneth Claussen, Staci Lemburg, Keith Michael, Scott Nun, Clay Blum, Michael Stuhr, Brett Remus, Bradley Downing, Morris Volquardsen, Edward Burbach, Derrick Frevert, Patrick Russell, Tim Hoffman, Aaron Going, Trent Christiansen, Garth Forbes, Justin Reestman, Shawn Hale, Mick Zegers, Eugene Bauman, Dean Oberle, Month Broeckelman, Keith Friesen, Barbara Franklin, James Miller, Megan O’Hare, Willis Smith, James Evans, Heath Moravek, Reed Stolpe, Andrew Evans, Gregory Doffin, Larry Morehead and Richard Smithpeter.

“These awards are given to recognize our employee’s dedication to CVA,” said Peggy Hopwood, SVP Member Services for CVA. “Our employees are the reason for our success.”

Several locations were also recipients of CVA’s All-In-Safety Awards. “Locations that have achieved the All-In Award for 2017 have demonstrated a high-level of success towards regulatory compliance and keeping their workers safe,” says Brad Bousquet, CVA V.P. Safety & Compliance. “The purpose of the All-In program is to provide our locations a continuous benchmarking in safety. Our goal is to identify workplace hazards and address them before they turn into accidents.” Congratulations to all the locations recognized for the 2017 All-In Safety Award:

81/20 (Randolph) Nebraska, Ainsworth Nebraska, Bancroft Nebraska, Barnes Nebraska, Benedict Nebraska, Bloomfield Nebraska, Clarks Nebraska, Clifton Kansas Feed, Clyde Kansas, Columbus Nebraska, Elgin Nebraska, Fullerton Nebraska, Hampton Nebraska, Hinton Iowa Feed, Hooper Nebraska, Hordville Nebraska, Marquette Nebraska, Monroe Nebraska, Narka Kansas, O’Neill Nebraska, Oakland Nebraska, Oyens Iowa, Petersburg Nebraska, Platte Center Nebraska, Polk Nebraska, Rising City Nebraska, Royal Nebraska, Scribner Nebraska, Snyder Nebraska, South Sioux City Nebraska, St. Edward Nebraska, Stockham Nebraska, Stromsburg Nebraska, Tamora Nebraska, Tekamah Nebraska, Tilden Nebraska, Waco Nebraska, West Point Nebraska, Wisner Nebraska, York East Nebraska.

Employees and their spouses also had the opportunity to attend informative breakout sessions on a variety of topics including wellness and healthy living, how to prevent identity theft and cooperative retirement. The final breakout session was a financial update and future growth presentation from CEO/President, Carl Dickinson.

25 Years of Service

25 Year Web

LtoR Front: Jacque Dubas, Jeffrey Hollerich, Julie Harrison, Angie Behymer, Kaye Klucas LtoR Back: Greg Germann, Brad Johnson, Mark Schopke, Rick Wolting, Wes O’Bannon 

20 Years of Service

20 Year Web

LtoR Front: Jeremy Sprunk, Stan Kallhoff, Keith Gillham, Faye Bohrer, Steve Arndt LtoR Back: Marvin Piper, Jason Krebs, Perry Miller

15 Years of Service

15 Year Web

LtoR Front: Sara Sublett, Melanie Lindberg, Larry Bearinger, James Kreikemeier, Joyce Nelson LtoR Back: Donald Wullenwaber, Keith Byerly, Jeff Holling

10 Years of Service

10 Year web

LtoR Front: Pam Pfeifer, Gerald Schrage, Deron Davis, Bonnie Knopik, Antonio Sanchez, Julie Parr, Clayton Hensley LtoR Back: Randy Toyer, Duane Willnerd, Mike Muenchrath, Brett Stevens, James Banahan, Brandon Worner, Glen Roth.

5 Years of Service

5 Year web

LtoR Front: Rick Smithpeter, Heath Moravek, Gregory Doffin, Morry Volquardsen, Staci Lemburg, Barbra Franklin, Susan Robb, Tim Hoffman LtoR Back: Jay Evans, Willis Smith, Brad Downing, Shawn Hale, Aaron Going, James Miller, Clay Blum

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