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CVA Hosts Annual Employee Retreat

Jan 23, 2019

(York, NE) – Central Valley Ag Cooperative recently hosted their annual Employee Retreat in Omaha, Nebraska. The event is held to provide employees an opportunity to network with each other outside of the office and build comradery amongst employees.

The following employees were recognized for their years of service at the 2019 Employee Retreat.

25 Years of Service:

Allan Dreckman, Doug Eisenmenger, Robert Zegers, Rhonda Johnson, Kenny Parks, Brian Poeckes, Scott Engel and Leslie Kilgore.

20 Years of Service:

Terry Collins, Shelley Peters, Kellee Hermelbracht, Aaron Schmid, Curt Goff, Frank Jorgenson, Jason Kock, Russ Tveter, Albert Collins, Dennis Cruise and Lloyd Kleckner.

15 Years of Service:

Teri Carlstrom, William Nendza, Jolene Wagner, Brent Reichmuth, Eileen Bode, Buck Beam, Jay Wright, Gary Sipe, Amy Eisenhauer, Kenton Ford, Allen Keagle, Jesse Schindler, Alan Tillberg, Tim Britt and Chris Walbrecht.

10 Years of Service:

Cassie Meyers, Mike Argo, Gregory Vakoc, Brett Schaecher, Ron Hoffmann, Robert Budke, Dan Affolter, Keith Borer, Larry Himmelberg, Rob Stevens, Colby Freudenburg, Michael Bayer, Kevin Mozer, Tim Galvin, Ricki Hall, Paul Heltne, Jesse Henery, Steven Lilley, James Norris, Aaron Snow, Jerry Strand, Corey Mackling, Neil Schumacher, Michael Stamp and Jennifer Clifford.

5 Years of Service:
Tyler Eisenmann, Bryce Hockemeier, Robert Fahey, Sean Jernigan, Jason Kreikemeier, Kim Merrill, Ben Beegle, Jay Blomenkamp, Steven Darnall, Brian Germann, Jeff Jensby, James Jorgensen, Darek Kouma, Jason Madden, Pamela Olmer, Sue Gotula, Linnea Steinhauser, Jordan Zoucha, Levi Ziolkowski, Scott Staum, Brody Duncan, Colby Vesely, Brian Johnson, Adam Krier, Michael Scott, Glenn Barber, Travis Baumann, Zach Coon, Amy Crady, Kelli Emanuel, Jarad Hammond, Cody Hauschel, James Hemenway, Tod Henrich, Dale Huisman, Thomas Johnson, Doug Kaup, Brett Kazemba, Brandan Lindsay, James McCabe, Ralph Medbourn, Terrell Milburn, Greg Mockenhaupt, Katie Scollard, James Scott and Martin Wid.

“These awards are given to recognize our employee’s dedication to CVA,” said Peggy Hopwood, SVP Member Services for CVA. “Our employees are the reason for our success.”

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