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Hordville Accepts First Load of White Corn

Aug 23, 2018

Hordville Accepts First Load of White Corn

On July 9, 2018, in Hordville, Nebraska trucks began to roll in, but they weren’t delivering just any corn, Hordville was accepting its first delivery of White Corn. Dale Broekemeier, Director of Specialty Grains at CVA, was there to ensure the process went smoothly and to take a look at the corn that was being delivered.

The change in deliveries didn’t just happen overnight, members of the CVA team have been working with the food supplier for about eight months to finalize documentation to get Supplier Approval. CVA met the standards officially in Late April enabling CVA to do business with the food supplier. 

Abby Simonsen, CVA HACCP Coordinator, explains, “What this means is that CVA has a HACCP or Food Safety Program that meets the standards of their current customers to supply them with food grade grains for human consumption.”

Several steps were taken to gain approval for CVA at the Hordville location. The process was very similar to how CVA starts for feed manufacturing facilities; complete a process flow to show the steps taken to receive and process your product through storage and shipping. Analyze all the steps and identify any potential hazards in three categories (Biological, Chemical, Physical), and develop ways to mitigate those risks to safe, acceptable levels. Next, a Standard Operating Procedure along with forms must be developed to document the day-to-day work of receiving, storing and shipping grains. The final step being sanitation. “Sanitation is huge as we move from animal food to human food,” says Abby. “Even though this product will go through several processes after it leaves CVA, we have stringent standards for sanitation and housekeeping to ensure the grain products do not become adulterated along the way to becoming human foods, such as grits or corn chips.” 

Dale Broekemeier had this to say about the CVA Food Safety Program. “Without Abby, this would not have been possible, she knows what she’s doing and did an excellent job,” said Broekemeier. “She was the food safety coordinator for this project; she understands all of the paperwork, documentation and what it takes to meet these standards. Food suppliers all have their own standards of food safety that we have to abide by to make our partnerships work.”

Currently, CVA accepts white corn at several Nebraska locations, including; Bradshaw, Tamora, Polk, Monroe, Oakland and Country Partners Coop in Gothenburg. Dale, who started working for CVA in January of 2017 says that prior to him joining the CVA team, CVA only handled white corn at Tamora and a little bit at the Shelby, Nebraska location. 

“This is huge for CVA because the food industry is moving towards these certifications, and to my knowledge right now we are the only bulk commodity elevator that is Supplier Approved. This gives us credibility not only with our current suppliers but will help build our reputation with other potential partners opening the door for additional opportunities to benefit CVA and our member-owners,” says Dale. 

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