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Rick Sanley receives award from Koch Fertilizer

Dec 12, 2018

Rick Sanley announced as winner of the Fall 2018 Impact Driver of the Season Award at Koch Fertilizer

Central Valley Ag (CVA) is excited to announce that CVA Transport (CVAT) driver Rick Sanley as the Koch Fertilizer LLC’s Fall 2018 Impact Driver of the Season winner. The terminal in Aurora, Neb. took nominations this fall in search of drivers who were passionate about demonstrating strong values in safety, procedure compliance and awareness.  From those nominated, the Koch Fertilizer Aurora Team selected Rick Sanely as the driver who exemplified those topics.

“Rick consistently meets expectations when onsite, but also has the drive to go above and beyond,” said Cris Brechbill of Koch Fertilizer.

Bill Gillespie, CVAT dispatcher, said, “This award reflects how well Rick does his job and takes safety seriously. What a great honor for Rick, and CVAT, to be recognized by Koch Fertilizer.”

The award was established in 2017 to promote Koch Fertilizer’s “Passion to Protect” campaign. The award is given to drivers that demonstrate safety as well as bringing awareness to the other drivers. Examples include identifying Koch equipment improvement areas or repairs, awareness of carrier equipment, procedure improvements and coaching of other drivers.

“A good idea that Rick had was around escape pack training. The packs hang on the wall and most drivers have never seen one out of the case,” said Brechbill. “We plan to take some photos to spell out the steps of using the pack with possible future plans to have a training pack on display in the driver’s area.”

Rick has been part of the cooperative since 1995 hauling anhydrous, grain and dry fertilizer. He is based out of the Rising City, Neb. location. When asked what it meant to him working for the cooperative, Rick said “it means quite a bit to me actually because I’ve been with the company so long. I try to do my best talking to farmers and determine what they need and what they want us to do.”

Rick also takes working safely seriously and being an example for others. “My words of advice to other drivers is to take their time when they’re hauling and double check themselves,” said Rick. “I always double check everything when I unhook or hook up to make sure I have everything right. Just do it safe.”

Koch Fertilizer invited Rick onsite for the award presentation, giving him a Koch cup as well as a steak lunch. Rick’s name and photo will also be displayed on the “Impact Driver of the Season” plaque located in the driver’s area of the Koch Fertilizer Terminal. “Every driver, every outside carrier, will see that plaque on the wall and have something to strive for,” said Gillespie.

“The safety culture at CVA has quite the reach when employees are bought in,” said Keith Borer, CVAT Director of Transportation. “Congratulations Rick on this achievement.” 

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Central Valley Ag is a farmer-owned cooperative headquartered in York, Neb. CVA has locations in Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. CVA is an innovative leader providing products and services in grain, agronomy, feed, and energy. You can find more information about Central Valley Ag by visiting

Central Valley Ag Transport driver, Rick Sanley, is awarded the Fall 2018 Impact Driver of the Season Award at Koch Fertilizer. Left to right: Brad Myers, Cris Brechbill, Rick Sanley, Tony Roth and Cody Sprague.

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