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Carl Dickinson is the President/CEO of Central Valley Ag (CVA). He has served in management cooperative positions for over 25 years. In addition to serving as President/CEO of CVA, Carl also serves on the Land O’ Lakes Executive Council, the Nebraska Cooperative Managers Association and is Vice-Chairman of the Coop 401K Board.
Carl grew up in Marquette, NE on a hog farm. He and his wife Dawn have two grown daughters, Cassie and Alexandra. His hobbies include hunting, music, golf and fishing.

FY21 Q3 |  Carl Dickinson, President/CEO of Central Valley Ag, introduces CVA's new Chief Financial Officer, Fran Swain. Together they discuss the key drivers to CVA's success in Quarter 3, how CVA is investing in our people, and being advocates in an ever-changing agriculture industry.

FY21 Q2 | Change is in the air and grain prices are rallying. Listen now to State of the Coop Podcast with Carl Dickinson, President/CEO of CVA, and Luke Beckman, CVA Grain Sales Manager as they discuss grain markets, improvements to locations, and new board members. 

For more grain updates subscribe to CVA Grain Exchange Podcast.

FY21 Q1 | As 2020 Harvest kicks off, Carl Dickinson invites Bryan Reichmuth, SVP of Operations, to discuss finances, harvest, CAPEX projects, and CVA's mission. Listen now to hear the latest updates at Central Valley Ag!

FY20 Q4 | Carl Dickinson, CEO and President of Central Valley Ag, brings in Peggy Hopwood, SVP of Member Services, to discuss the services our members' service team provides to ease our producers' way of business. Along with a discussion on the internship program, wheat harvest, and the recent merger and acquisition. 

FY20 Q3 | Carl Dickinson, CEO and President of Central Valley Ag, brings in Dave Beckman, Member-Owners and Board Chairman, to discuss the potential merger with Farmers Ranchers Cooperatives, Financials, and more!

FY20 Q2 | Carl Dickinson, CEO and President of Central Valley Ag, brings in Nic McCarthy, SVP of Agronomy, to discuss markets, farmers' data, and the future of the agronomy. Carl also talks about key takeaways from the Annual Meeting.

FY20 Q1 | Carl shares his report on how Central Valley Ag wrapped up fiscal year 2019 on August 31, and how he's excited for what fiscal year 2020 will bring. Learn what CVA is doing for its member-owners. 

FY19 Q4 | A challenging and wet planting season across Central Valley Ag's territory created a condensed season to get the job done, but CVA's been able to show what we can do in a short amount of time. Learn what CVA is doing for its member-owners.



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